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All inclusive tutoring sessions from 2-11+

As a mother of two children who completely differ educationally, I have witnessed how much personalised extra help outside of school has developed both of my children academically as well as a huge confidence growth. Jaida came home from school comparing herself to children who she called 'clever', referring to herself as 'not smart' and different to her peers. Due to this, we often had struggles preparing her for school in the mornings, it was a real self-esteem loss for her. After this revelation, Jaida was keen to start tutoring the same as her big sister. She looks forward to her tutoring sessions each week and comes back beaming and thriving, excited to tell our family how well she has done in her sessions. We often find Ashi-May on FaceTime to our close relatives, reading a piece of creative writing or sharing maths problems to challenge her aunts and uncles! My experience has made me aware of how crucial some extra support can be to parents and children on their academic skills as well as confidence building. My children learn in different ways. Ashlimay is more of a 'typical' learner and can pick things up pretty quickly, where Jaida needs more assistance with concentration and thrives when she can complete work that is set to her personal level. She gains a huge sense of achievement, which in turn gives her enjoyment and the confidence to accept further challenges. Ashlimay, thrives on having the group interaction where she uses her peers to push her further. Each child is able to showcase their knowledge and encourage others along the way.

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