The Tutoring Program

The tutoring program has been designed by mums, Early Years pracitioners, SEND specialists and qualified primary school teachers. With our experience and knowledge we wanted to create a selection of programs that would work with different learning styles and be adaptable to all abilities. One of our key things is making it fun, interactive and hands on where possible. Allowing a child to learn through play. Making the learning relevant to things they can see helps a child understand a concept as well as achieve the learning goal.  

An example 

- Teaching number recognition through sensory activities- finding numbers that in a container of coloured rice and working out what the total is. 

- For creative writing playing a synonym word game - I say 'big' and we go around in a circle finding a word with a similar meaning eg 'gigantic'

“Prepare For Success with Exam Preparation from My Learning and Me”


We understand that each Child is unique and learns differently, so our tuition reflects that. Even the most diligent of teachers won’t always have the time needed to be dedicated towards an individual child when there is a large class to attend to.

My Learning and Me, aims to carefully tailor tuition to suit age, aptitude and ability.

Give your child the best start in life with bespoke tutoring sessions from Me Learning and Me. 


Our Programmes

My Learning and Me is organised into a three term school year. Each term there are activities covering statutory requirements for the National Curriculum Framework. Students need a strong foundation and good study skills to excel in life. Our goal is to help your child not just understand the subject but to understand how to learn and develop their potential in the future.

Our programme is designed to identify gaps in academic knowledge.  Many children suffer from developmental issues, both minor and severe.

The tutors that teach with ‘My Learning and Me’ have experience helping students with developmental obstacles, as well as those suffering a setback due to long term illness or other reasons. Our approach allows learning to become more efficient without simply adding to your childs workload.




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Get School Ready (Preparing children for school. Helping children to develop the skills for skills)


Lets Talk (Helping children with developing speech and language)


Lets Read together (Assisting children with phonics, blending sounds and reading words)


Key Stage 1 Tutoring (Year 1&2 Ages 5-7)


Key Stage 2 Tutoring (Year 3,4,5 &6 Ages 8-11)


11+ Tutoring (Exam preparation)


Homework Club (all ages)

Learn to Read
Sharing Student
Children Playing Outdoor
Father and Son Playing