Get School Ready


What is ‘Get School Ready?’

Get School Ready is a class that aims to prepare your

child for a smooth transition into school. A lot of

people will assume that preparing a child for school

is very much based on learning numbers and letters,

however it is much more than that. At My Learning

and ME, we will focus on:


-Talking about school – it is important for

children to visualise what school will actually be


-Establishing important skills such as being able to sit at an activity for a period of time, washing and drying hands, good manners

-Developing social skills – making friends and practising sharing. Sharing can often be quite difficult but at My Learning and ME, we will provide situations to encourage sharing and turn-taking.

-Independence – it is important for children who are approaching school transitions to be independent in self-care, we will provide activities which will get messy and will require hand washing afterwards.

-Coping emotionally when separating from parents

-Dressing and undressing themselves is an important skill to develop before attending school, at My Learning and ME, we will provide activities that involve the use of fine motor skills such as buttoning clothes and using zips.

-We will incorporate stories to encourage listening and attention through retelling stories, to be able to discuss and answer questions about the focus story.

-We will encourage learning basic phonics, recognising name, basic number concept and more!!