KS2 Tutoring Program 

Key Stage 2 relates to children aged 7 to 11 years old. Areas of study are in line with the National Curriculum as we believe that this offers all our children a broad and balanced education.

Your child’s education is of utmost importance to us and we have planned our Tuition to ensure that our students build on the skills learnt from school and consolidates their learning. 

Our staff are highly qualified and we have a good balance of EYFS, Primary and specialist teachers. This means that your child will access specialist teaching with ‘My learning and me.’ 


Overview of Teaching


  • To read and Write Numbers to one Million

  • Written Method for Addition & Subtraction

  • Written Method for Multiplication

  • Written Method for Division

  • Probability

  • Introduction to Fractions

  • Multi-step problems +/-

  • Decimals and Fractions Ordering and Comparing

  • Pr

  • Co-ordinates

  • Timetables(Statistics)


  • Nouns

  • Pronouns

  • Determiners

  • Verbs

  • Exclamation Marks and Question Marks

  • Apostrophes

  • Adverbs

  • Sentences

  • Co-ordinating conjunctions

  • Subordinating conjunctions

  • Prepositions