Let’s Read Together


What is Let’s Read Together?


Each week we will have a focus of set phonics sounds eg 'sh' 's' 'ph' 't'. Activities will involve listening games, blending sounds together to make words and learning and identifying sight words. Learning to differentiate between letters and sounds and adapting to indivudal learning styles to ensure children can learn to read through the best method for them and not one generic way.  We aim to make sure that children understand the letter name and letter sound are different. Helping children to be able to spell words by being confident in letter recognition and sounds. 


Example activities include (but are not limited to):


Treasure hunts – searching for letters and objects that begin with the focus sound

Musical games – clapping the beat to a favourite nursery rhyme/ song

Matching rhyming words – using picture cards to match, for example; cat and hat or dog and log