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At My Learning and ME, we will use sensory play as it helps support language development. For example; receptive language skills can be developed through sensory play such as play dough, bubble wrap or shaving foam as it provides perfect opportunities to work on giving instructions, introducing new vocabulary and language concepts such as prepositions, adjectives.

Also, expressive language skills can be encouraged

through sensory activities as it can build on vocabulary,

discussing what the child can feel, hear, smell etc and

also developing sentence formation by correct

modelling, such as:

child – “want truck”,

adult – “you want me to pass you the truck”.


We will incorporate reading because it increases

exposure to language, especially story books with

rhyme as it can develop a love of language. Books

introduce and encourage the development of knowledge in sounds and rhymes needed for language. Reading to your child can help them to learn to think and express their selves in new ways.


My Learning and ME will use games such as red light, green light, musical statues and treasure hunts to build executive function, encouraging children to listen and then respond and it will develop concentration as well as building the ability to follow instructions.